May 07, 2024

U.S. Corn 36% Planted vs. 39% Average, Soy 25% vs. 21% Average

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Corn - The 2024 U.S. corn was 36% planted as of Sunday compared to 42% last year and 39% average. This represents an advance of 9% for the week. Corn is 12% emerged compared to 10% last year and 9% average.

The corn planting pace has slowed down a bit and planting is now slightly behind average. Planting in the western Corn Belt slowed down compared to last week while the eastern Corn Belt moved ahead compared to last week. Iowa is 47% planted (53% average), Illinois is 32% (41% average), Minnesota is 42% (38% average), Nebraska 31% (48% average), Indiana is 20% (24% average), and South Dakota is 18% (22% average).

Corn planting is a bit of a mixed bag this week. The forecast is calling for storms to move across the Midwest this week and it might be difficult for planting to reach 50% by May 10th, which is always a benchmark for corn.

Soybeans - The 2024 U.S. soybeans were 25% planted as of last Sunday compared to 30% last year and 21% average. This represents an advance of 7% for the week. The soybeans are 9% emerged compared to 7% last year and 4% average.

Generally, soybean planting is more advanced compared to corn which is probably a reflection of the recent trend where some farmers plant their soybeans first and corn second. The eastern Corn Belt made better progress than the western Corn Belt comparatively speaking. Ohio is 20% planted (10% average), Indiana is 20% (18% average), Illinois is 31% (30% average, Iowa is 30% (32% average), Minnesota is 17% (19% average), and Nebraska is 18% (28% average).

While planting of both crops is not quite as robust as it was last week, it is still progressing generally OK if it does not get too wet this week. My level of enthusiasm for the crops declined slightly this week.